The word "anamorphic" and its derivatives stem from the Greek words meaning formed again.

An*a*mor*phic [an-uh-mawr-fik] Op*tics [op-tiks]. Having or producing unequal magnifications along two axes perpendicular to each other. The branch of physical science that deals with the properties and phenomena of both visible and invisible light and with vision.

Anamorphic Optics, weird name, and it might sound peculiar, but that is our preferred approach. Photography is my 2nd biggiest passion next to being a father. I always give 110% in every shoot I do. I want the pictures I give people to be the most creative and artistic pictures they have ever seen. I have 8 years of experience as an in-studio photographer, 7 years experience as a freelance portrait photographer, I have earned an Associates Degree in Multimedia Design.

My objective, is to approach any shoot by acknowledging the client's individuality. I utilize and explore properties and moods of light, inventive arrangements, and varied perspective. I want to creatively capture and honor the events that are significant to you.

Josh Boltz - Anamorphic Optics